Tear Duct Obstruction (DCR)

Under our eyes in orbit above the eyebrows at the outer edges of the tear glands are moistened with a fluid secreted. This fluid breaks down and the front of the eye, dry eye agents in preventing both nourishes and protects the front side. After seeing the process of tear fluid from the nose into the Channel and then tear flows in our throats. This process is repeated continuously during the day. Lacrimal duct obstruction is present if the fluid flows outward from the channel. Watering eyes and ocular discharge occurs. Channels in the lacrimal sac infection, swollen shutdowns. Eye swelling and nasal sac can be easily seen from outside. Patients continuously throughout the day without tearing, ocular discharge, pain and redness suffer from.


Symptoms of Lacrimal Duct Obstruction:

• Excessive tear,

• Frequent ocular discharge

• When nasal root is pressed, inflammation comes to the eye

• Swelling of the nose root.


Tear Duct Surgery with Diode Laser

Diode Lazer DSR method in laser eyelid punctum probe name enters the holes, we tear, tear sac, and passes the closed sac between the bone using a Laser Diode open road. Therefore there is no stitching process. Endoscope through the nose at the same time, this procedure is followed. Sufficient size to be opened when it reaches the size of the channel that the process is ended.

Advantages of Diode Laser DSR Surgery over Other Lachrymal Duct Operations:

Lachrymal duct surgery with Diode Laser is performed without blood, without any trace in a short time.

• The most important advantage of Diode Laser surgery over other methods is the realization of the surgery in a short time as 8-10 minutes. 

• In MultiDiode laser, almost there is no bleeding. 

• Because of the property of Diode laser, almost there is no tissue injury at the surgery.

• Healing time is quick. Patient can leave the hospital after surgery. The next day after Diode laser operation, patient can return to the social life again.

• No cut on the skin and no damage of muscles around the lachrymal sac are the other advantages.

• To the patients formerly had lachrymal duct operation, second operation with “Diode Laser” provides more success than other methods. 

• In treatment with Diode laser all operations can be detected inside the nose with endoscopy. It is possible to interfere if necessary.



-Bloodless operation

-Less discomfort after surgery

-Rapid recovery