MEDAP, established in 1991 in Ankara, started doing business activities by selling medical devices in the medical sector and has been offering service to its customers with the aim of meeting national requirements with medical devices used especially in radiology, cardiology, dermatology, brain surgery, and algology uninterruptedly since the day it was established. Our firm, having started its business activities in the radiology field and performed the sales of more than a hundred MR, CT, etc. technological devices, has been maintaining its firm-customer relations in a perfect manner for years with its spare part supply and technical services. 

Our firm, closely following up the technology, has broken a new ground in Turkey by using LASER technology in especially discectomy surgeries. MEDAP has adopted ensuring after sales customer satisfaction as a principle with its certificated service department. Our firm, performing demonstrations in many local and national fairs and congresses in Turkey, has taken into account the medical device demands and thus, obtained distributorship of important firms. As our firm, holding CE, ISO 13485, ISO 9000, After Sales Service Competence Certificate of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Turkish Standards Institute service competence certificate and Turkish Atomic Energy Authority certificate, knows that quality of the product will be effective together with technical infrastructure, after having expressed the strength of its technical structure, has started representing products of top quality, recognized throughout the world and the technology of which it follows up continuously, and still continues representing them becoming a solution partner of manufacturers of these medical products. MEDAP has been selective in the products it has been marketing for years and acquired a significant position in the market by always importing and exporting best quality products in the health sector.

In addition to medical device import and export activities, within the company's X-Ray Tube Reload Station, production, reload and replacement of x-ray tubes for CT and angiography tubes have been implemented by MEDAP (see Products--x ray tubes). 

An understanding that keeps human health beyond everything since the day it was established has been the reason of existence for our firm. Our firm has adopted as a mission; quality in product, trust and speed in service and as a vision; spreading technology to every field of the service we offer and becoming the first enterprise to come to the mind in demand.


The common objective of our company employees, consisting of Domestic Sales and Marketing and Accounting units as well as R&D / Project Designing / Production / Quality Control / Technical Service departments, is; unconditional customer satisfaction.